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This page lists new members at the top of the page. Please fill free to e-mail any club member for information or to say I saw you listed on the club's page.

Name: paul briscoe
City: preston
State_or_Province: yaksville
country: yemen
gender: Male
Age: 25
marital_status: You can call be Mss.
Breeds_Currently_Own: hooch
Breeds_Previously_Owned: bruno
Dogs_Activities: sharing ice crean with my dad
Personal_Interests: wanking
Employed_As: booths

Dog E-mail Club

Dogs E-mail Club is a meeting place for people to meet new people either in their own neighborhood or across the world. A chance to meet pen pals or e-mail pals world wide with dog interests. This is a FREE dog e-mail club to join. You don't have to be a member to e-mail someone in this club. You can always join later for free. Another way Internet Services provides FREE services besides creating webpages and storing them for any type of business.

Classifications of Dog Breeds

  • Group 1 - Sporting Dogs
  • Group 2 - Hounds
  • Group 3 - Working Dogs
  • Group 4 - Terriers
  • Group 5 - Toys
  • Group 6 - Non-Sporting Dogs
  • Group 7 - Herding Dogs

PUREBREDS (registered dogs) vs. MIXED BREEDS (sometimes called mutts)

This is a website to help educate the public on purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs. This website will educate you about why you should not buy a mixed breed or registered breed from a pet shop, or backyard breeder.

How to Find a Responsible Dog Breeder

Stay Away From Puppy Mills & Back-Yard Breeders

  • This is a website to help educate the public on how to pick a good breeder, before they buy that special puppy.
  • Information on the law, puppy mills, pet stores, health problems, written contracts, return policies, over-priced puppies, etc.
  • The Law


Nobody likes to see pets and animals suffer. Pets should always have identification. Even if you did not pay for a dog license tag yearly you could still buy a collar with your phone number on it or an identification tag.


This article was published in The Messenger Index Newspaper in Emmett, Idaho. USA

Subject: For Shelbi and friends with love

She wandered into the city park one evening, she may have been someone's pet for awhile but she was tired and hungry now and the sound of people and the smell of food attracted her.

Her color suggested possible border collie and her age somewhere around a year old. The exact history is not known. She was rather thin and somewhat spooky.


I just lost my Toy Poodle to Immune mediated hemolytic anemia, a disease that effects the immune system and can make a dog go downhill very quickly. After a week in ICU at the best facility in New England, we thought she had beat it. We had her home for a week and she was getting better each day. Unfortunately, the disease had caused clots to form in her, and one night she had a seizure and when I picked her up, she died in my arms. It is the most devastating experience of my life.