Individual Breed Dog Rescue Clubs or Groups



Alphabetically Listing USA National Dog Clubs, US state wise - All Breed Local Regional Dog Clubs, State Laws accordingly and Other Canada National Dog Clubs and International All Breed Regional Dog Clubs or Specialty Clubs, World Wide Kennel Dog Clubs and Organizations List are given individual page.


The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. While the AKC does not endorse or recommend specific breeders, we do offer several resources to locate breeders. The AKC recommends puppy buyers begin the search process by contacting the AKC Parent Club. Here for your convenience Parent Club of each breed are also given.

Dog rescue clubs and dog rescue organizations are listed FREE. Dog Rescue Organizations website, e-mail, contact information for all breeds or individual breeds. Featured Ads available and webpage design/storage if needed. Any rescue club can have a free basic listing. Here you will find:
1. Dog Rescue Clubs for All Breeds
2. Dog Rescue Clubs for Specific/Individual Breeds
3. Rescue or Help Place a Dog In a Good Home from the Actual Owner
4. Rescue or Help Place a Dog In a Good Home from a Rescue Shelter, Rescue Home

Below are the List of Individual Breed Dog purebred rescue Clubs or Groups.