Help with Choosing a Puppy or Adult Dog


When choosing a dog breed, the dog should fit your life-style. If you are not active then maybe you want a laid back dog breed. If you don't like a lot of dog hair in the carpet, then you don't want a dog breed that sheds too much. If you have allergies, then you will need to find a dog that is non-allergenic.


Odds are, if you don't pick the right dog breed for your lifestyle, then it will become one of the millions of animals that are put to sleep every year through no fault of its own. You might give the dog away to another person, but down the road they might have the same problems and take the dog to the pound.

A dog is a lifetime commitment. When buying a puppy as a gift, PLEASE do not just go out and buy a puppy for them. Have them help pick the breed, read up on health issues such as genetic or common health problems with that breed. It's your job to research the breed and the breeder. Our recommendation is that you should always take a puppy to at least 2 obedience classes so that your puppy will socialize with other dogs and other people. Dog owners need to continuously train their dog the right way. It's a job that needs done!

Before calling a breeder or buying a puppy we recommend to visit our other page, HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD BREEDER. It is up to the individual to check if the breeder or kennel or puppy is or can be registered by the international or national kennel clubs or specialty clubs in that country such as AKC, CKC, FCI, KC or other major kennel clubs, specialty breed clubs. Check with breeder if the puppies parents has been thoroughly checked by foundations that screen for health problems such as OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). Some other associations are PennHip - University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program, the VBDM - Veterinary Medical Database and CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation. Do your research of the breeder, the breed itself, breed's health and diseases, life span, puppy's parents, proper paper work, etc. before buying a puppy.

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Below are 3 Parts in Helping Choosing a Puppy and Breeder.