PUREBREDS (registered dogs) vs. MIXED BREEDS (sometimes called mutts)


This is a website to help educate the public on purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs. This website will educate you about why you should not buy a mixed breed or registered breed from a pet shop, or backyard breeder.


1StopforDogs.com is not against mutts! It's great to see a well trained mixed breed with a responsible owner. It is also great to see mixed breeds to obtain clubs and club standards such as the "Labradoodle". I just feel sorry that people support backyard breeders, pet stores and puppy mills. The dogs I love, its the backyard breeder, in-experienced pet store operators and puppy mills I don't like.

Here Are Some Reasons You Have to Watch Out For:

  • health certificates, vet clearances before breeding parents
  • registered dogs sometimes have illegal registry
  • pet store, pet shop guarantees are not that good
  • you will not know what will your puppy look like when full grown
  • what do you know about the breed or mixture of breed they are selling
  • house breaking or training problems
  • confinement problems
  • socializations
  • is their pedigree history really worth anything
  • you do not want to support puppy mills
  • problems with the pet shop puppy at your home

Later This Webpage will have links to:

  • pet stores
  • backyard breeders
  • licensed breeders selling to pet stores
  • licensed breeders selling wholesale
  • licensed breeders selling to laboratories
  • un-licensed breeders selling wholesale
  • registered breeders selling illegally registered purebred dogs wholesale
  • Nobody likes to put down a puppy for health reasons and later finding out they should have done more research on that breeder. 1StopforDogs.com has received to many letters about unhealthy dogs dying, and the owners finding out they were not registered dogs, no receipts, paid cash, and the breeder won't answer their calls anymore.
  • There are so many puppy mills out there.

The puppy mills not only sell dogs through some pet stores but through one of their friends to make it seem more of a home atmosphere

  • In a pet store they could be selling purebred puppies from another country making it hard for you to check out that puppy mill.
  • In a pet store they could be selling puppies from a puppy mill in your local area but will not tell you exactly where it is from or how to see their operation.
  • They look like good pups, but are they?

Will you end up with expensive vet bills, in the long run?

Mixed Breeds - Actually BACKYARD BREEDERS!

Most responsible dog breeders at one time have probably owned a mutt.

Sometimes they had a very good mutt and quite possible they had a not so good one. Soon they educated themselves and purchased a registered breed the second time around.

We Had a Mutt

  • You know, a purebred with both parents registered but the puppy had no papers! Isn't that a likely story! This pup was a red doberman. We had it for nine years. Lucky Eh! Because some people buy mutts and only have them 4 months or 4 years, and if they are lucky a full dogs lifetime.
  • Our mutt, Sorry Heidi, with respect, died of cancer. Smart, trained, best looks, could pass for Canadian champion.
  • We would of spent $1,000 dollars or more to cure that dog. But it was too late. So we spent $400 to have her live for 2 more weeks without pain just so we could let her go easy. That's right $400 in medicine. We shot some videos, pictures, etc.
  • It wasn't easy on our 6 year old son at home to see Heidi go to the farm, as we told him at that time.
  • One problem, we didn't check the background or pedigree of her ancestors.

Questions I have now are:

  • Did any earlier dogs have cancer or die at a younger age?
  • How old did the parents actually live for?
  • Were the parents ever really purebreds?
  • Was there ever any paper work or pedigrees so I could of tracked the history of this family?
  • What type of dog food did they feed the parents?
  • Was the dog food cheap junk full of cancer causing preservatives?
  • Now the parents must not of been crazy. Thank goodness for that.
  • I hate to think that the male or bitch had metal illness, you know a bad temperament, a little crazy or wild. We were lucky. We didn't see both parents.
  • So, a dog without papers. We paid $250 back then. Way too much for a dog we were not certain of. But it was cheap. We could of got a dog from the pound for about $50 to help save a life. We didn't think of that at the time.

Some Reasons We Will Not Purchase a Mixed Breed from backyard breeders and pet stores:

  • Did they care what happened to the pups they didn't sell?
  • Did they care if the owner would abandoned the dog and turn it into the dog pound because he could handle the dog or he moved from a rented house into an apartment?
  • Did they care what type of uneducated dog owner he sold to?
  • Did they care if the new dog owner didn't have a backyard and a fence to protect the dog from cars, trucks, being stolen by kids or neighbors who didn't like the dog running loose in the street?
  • Did they research the 2 parents for health problems before he bred them?
  • Were they just into it for money and not to breed healthy dogs?
  • Did he offer help in training tips, food change over, good vets?
  • Was there a vet who examined the eyes, hearing, hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, etc. of the parents or puppies
  • Were the paper work results done by their own local vet or sent to a well known animal lab?
  • When they bred the 2 dogs did they help the dogs out or confine the 2 dogs so they would run with each other when in lock together.
  • Did the male or female get hurt during breeding?
  • Did the backyard breeder study up the do's and don't on breeding?
  • Did he really CARE, or just want pups any old way?
  • Is the male or female now ruined from ever breeding again.
  • Did one of the dogs get stitches from fighting over the breeding episode?
  • Did they even breed the 2 dogs themselves?
  • Is that person just selling the puppies for a friend who didn't want you to see his "Nightmare on Elm St." breeding grounds?
  • Was the 2 dogs too young to breed?
  • Did he know how to help the female when she had puppies?
  • Did they give proper medicine to help speed up the deliveries of puppies when the female suffered pain and became in trouble?
  • Did they have medicine or a vet on 24 hr call to help if the female was in great pain?
  • Did they isolate the puppies from other adult dogs who could have been carrying the deadly PARVO disease?
  • Did they isolate the puppies from other people who could have been carrying the PARVO disease on their shoes and clothing?
  • Did they isolate the puppies from parks and playgrounds that can carry carrying the PARVO disease in the grass for 2 years or more?
  • Did they care what type of mixed breeder they bred to each other?
  • o You know, a German Shepherd/Pitbull/Rottweiler cross mix. Who could handle the dog.
  • You would need an excellent trainer familiar with all the breeds.
  • Would the dog be trainable or just temperamental?
  • If the puppy became violent, or strange would they give your money back and take the dog back or know what to do?
  • Did they show you how well they have trained and spent quality time with the dogs or did the puppies just jump all over you for affection?
  • Did they show you that the breed was suppose to look like when full grown?
  • Did they tell you if the puppy full grown should have short, medium or long, wavy, straight, thick, or thin hair?
  • Did they question you about allergies in your family?
  • Did they show you that this puppy will have the proper marking for the breed are suppose to be where they are located, the size, color, etc.
  • Did they show you that the male or female parents dogs hips are good by the way the dog walks?
  • Did they show you the puppies mother, father, sisters, brothers and what the puppy will look like?
  • Did they give references of older dogs they had previously sold to show you that there was no hereditary defects from all 3 breeds?
  • Did they mention when you mix 2 breeds with 2 different hereditary defects that you would see them come up in the puppy?
  • Most dogs have hereditary defects but reputable breeder BREED THEM OUT! In other words if they get a bad breed of a dog they won't breed it for the buck. They however will love the dog and keep it for the rest of their life.


  • Why support a backyard breeder, or a puppy mill or someone that is not interested in the better of the dog breed.
  • Why support someone who just thought they might try breeding their dog for pups because they heard it was good for their dog to mother 1 litter.
  • Why support someone who is selling overpriced mutts where you end up seeing some of them in a commercial for your local dog pound.

SAVE YOURSELF money and grief in the long-run.
Buy Your Puppy from a Reputable Breeder!