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Links to the Mixed Breed Index where breeders are listed are below these paragraphs. Technically, a Mixed Breed is the offspring of two different purebreds. The mating of a purebred and a mixed breed results in a litter on Mongrels. And, if both parents are either mixed breeds or mongrels, the pups are Mutts. This page is dedicated to mixed breeds.

Potential puppy owners must be careful before purchasing a purebred registered puppy or a mixed breed puppy. Both parents should have been checked for health clearance certificates. Example, both parents should be clear of any hereditary defects such as eye exam certificates, hip x-ray certificates, etc. This is only a couple that have been mentioned. Pending on the 2 breeds that were mixed research should be done, as with all dogs about what hereditary defects the breed can possibly carry from 1 generation to the next. Not all breeds are perfect, being a purebred or a mixed breed dog.

When a breeder does all necessary check ups on both the parents and the puppies, then they might not be considered just a "backyard breeder." More and more breeders are going right to DNA testing to insure the puppy has come from both parents insuring you are getting the right puppy for you.

The terms get blurred sometimes when people give "breed" names to mixed breed dogs.
Here are a few examples of Poodle crosses.
Some have links leading to a page for breeders and breed information.

Poodle Crosses

Another mixed breed is the Puggle - Pug/Beagle. The Puggle is a hybrid produced by a female Beagle and a male Pug. Some call the Puggle, "Miniature Mastiffs".

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Mixed breeds sometimes have their own specific breed clubs and registry. A couple of registries are NACR = North American Cockapoo Registry, CCA = Cockapoo Club of America, CKC = Continental Kennel Club, NKC = National Kennel Club.

Make sure you know both breeds temperament, health, characteristics, original purpose of the breeds, etc. before you buy a mixed breed puppy. Do not buy a mixed breed puppy from a pet store. Only buy a mixed breed from a responsible breeder who screens for health certificates, has both parents on the property, you have visited their kennel to make sure they have clean conditions, etc. Do the same research as if you were paying for a AKC or CKC purebred registered puppy.

Know about: Purebreds (registered dogs) vs. mixed breeds (sometimes called mutts), wholesale breeders & brokers and Sunshine Laws

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