Nobody likes to see pets and animals suffer. Pets should always have identification. Even if you did not pay for a dog license tag yearly you could still buy a collar with your phone number on it or an identification tag.
If you see a loose pet wandering around make that call to the local dog pound or have an adult capture the dog if it is friendly and not wild and then call the pound. If you keep the dog yourself, make sure all vets in the area know you have a lost dog. If you didn't want the dog in the dog pound with other dogs then at least notify them on the phone you have a lost dog staying at your house, Also put an add in the local paper and call you local radio station and post ads on telephone posts in that area. I'm sure the owner would be glad to pay you for an add in the paper. Wouldn't you if you lost your dog.
Pets are not always meant to be on a leash, chained up or in a fenced back yard. Take them for walks and when in a park or a field make sure before unleashing your pet that you have that one command down perfect "Come" when they are called. Some problems occur when a new owner of a pet lets their new puppy run loose without proper training and they take off.
When you secure you dog make sure there is no escape for that dog while you are away. The bottom line is train your dog or take training classes with your dog.


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